Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Lady of The Roses Shrine - AIDS

I had the pleasure of meeting Veronica Lueken in Bayside just before her death in 1995. She could see the Virgin Mary regularly, and even channel her. Along with a lot of support for Archbishop Lefebvre and right-wing Catholicism in general, the Virgin revealed many shocking bits of news, such as the UFO phenomenon being produced by demons who sexually molest children. Her most startling revelation, however, is that the creator of AIDS was her own son, Jesus, who was so vexed by the Gay community that he decided to kill them off en masse.

Because the HIV virus was designed by Jesus himself, the Blessed Mother said, scientists would never find a cure for it.

I disagree. I believe that the government and the FDA invented the virus as a means to control population and generate profit from people buying medication. This all leads back to everything I've discovered about Zenith

In mass we had 2 people come in from the aids task force, they were both hiv positive and actually did have aids at one point, but because they take medication they are barely alive. There was a women, she was diagnosed with HIV at 18, and over the years...lets just say that what that women went through was just horrible...she has my out most respect for living this long...she is in her 20's (I believe late 20s). She has to take 20+pills a day. The Guy found out he was hiv positive later in his life, he also went through a lot and I do have respect for him, he takes about 10 pills a day.

THe woman told us about her daily and weekly life. It usually begins trying to get up out of bed, taking your pills, having diarrhea for 3 hours, then doing what ever else you need to do...she tries to work, other days she just sits around the house. its just horrible...she also said that there were allot of side effects from the medicine that she takes.

Come on you can't expect stuff like AZT to be helpful! i dont think she takes it though.

Also I have been reading a lot on homeopathic, and alternative medicine. Why doesnt the FDA just try to have medical tests done? If you look at the blood electrification, and other articles similar to that and you just think... maybe this can really help why dont they just try it. Its just that there are so many things out there i know some are lies and scams but others like blood electrification i did have faith in. I am positive there is a conspiracy holding the cure - there is too much money in it, the guy that takes 10 pills a day has to pay $2,000 a for his medication. And that stuff may keep him alive for 10-20 years.

Does the FDA rule over the government? Or are they in this together? What about other countries? I have heard that Iran is having success with a possible cure and better treatment. I am sure they would be interesting in electromagnetic techniques for cleaning the body.