Wednesday, January 9, 2008

James Jesus Angleton

James Jesus Angleton served as director of counter-intelligence for the CIA from 1954 to 1974 when he was removed for illegal activities. He was a strange, brilliant and paranoid person, obsessed with the search for Soviet moles within the CIA and suspicious of almost everybody. Apparently, he never did abandon his beliefs that Tito was a Soviet mole and that the chief Soviet mole in the CIA has reached a rank at least as high as his own. The KGB would love to have an agent high in the CIA, Angleton knew; they were clever and tireless, he also knew; ergo, they would eventually have a mole in the Company, and maybe they had one already. He never stopped hunting that Russian mole and he operated with even more secrecy than was normal in the CIA. AJ Weberman believes that Angleton masterminded the assassination of John Kennedy, using an agent named Gerry Patrick Hemming to implicate and frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Most of the evidence for this hypothesis will be found in the Weberman website cited below; but see also E. Howard Hunt, Marina Oswald, Jack Ruby and links therefrom. If Angleton really did it, he probably believed Kennedy was the "top Soviet mole" he'd been hunting so many years. Angleton's obsession with this ambiguous Russian "mole" code-named Sasha led him to shred documents totally, long before that practise became common, fearing that the mole might ransack his office at night. Another CIA officer, Edward Petty, stated of Angleton, "He was strictly a lone wolf, a strange bird. The man was doing all sorts of things on his own that nobod ever told him to do.....What an Angleton operation was, nobody really knows."


Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Hal Turner has obtained one of the new Amero coins. It came from an insider at the USA Treasury. The new currency
is being produced at The United States Mint at Denver, Colorado. The Amero will replace the USA dollar as part of the NESARA global prosperity reforms shortly to be announced. The new currency will become legal tender throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.