Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dr. Kenneth Olson

Dr. Kenneth Olson, in treating a patient named Nadine Cool, persuaded her to disclose some 126 previously repressed alternative personalities. These included Satan, many angels who brought messages from God, a cannibal and even a demonic duck. Dr. Olson then billed Ms. Cool's insurance company for $300,000 for group therapy.

Cool's father dropped dead of a heart attack after she confronted him with her "memories" of Satanic rituals and infant sacrifices. She eventually sued Dr Olson for malpractise and collected $3.4 million in damages.

Four other women "recovered" similar memories while in therapy with Dr. Olson and two of them have already sued him successfully.

References: Fortean Times, #99, June 1997; CBS 60 Minutes 30 Nov 1997